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Lawyer Giuseppe De Cinque - Partner Sole 24 Ore Avvocati

The Lawyer Giuseppe De Cinque, owner of the "Law Firm De Cinque" has become Professional Partner of the Group Il Sole 24 Ore, having joined the project, Partner 24 Hours Lawyers, and as a qualified professional for the sector: Corporate Crisis - Negotiation and Management

The entry into the network confirms the Firm’s national vocation and the qualification process in the business crisis and company law sectors.

Part of this exclusive network are a limited number of professional firms of accountants, lawyers, employment consultants and specialized companies at national level, selected according to certain requirements and code of ethics, and accredited through a rigorous process of verification of the requirements of competence and professionalism and experience in their respective fields of professional activity.

The lawyer Giuseppe De Cinque, has founded for about ten years the "Studio Legale De Cinque", which is based in Bologna and San Salvo (CH), and offers legal services at national level, for advice and litigation in the fields of commercial law, company law, civil law, extraordinary procedures of resolution of the business crisis, and real estate law and condominium.

The participation in the network of the 24 Ore Group represents an initiative to strengthen the activity of the De Cinque Law Firm, also in terms of response to the critical issues generated by the pandemic crisis by Covid in place that has led professionals and companies to rethink and reconfigure their activities, to successfully propose themselves to even more selective and competitive markets, in an attempt to turn the crisis into opportunity.

The multidisciplinary approach to customer issues that the firm ensures in the handling of cases will be further consolidated thanks to the interprofessional connections that the network offers to its qualified participants.

Avv. Giuseppe De Cinque

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