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Areas of Activity
Law firm De Cinque 
"Whether you’re planning for the future or facing challenges, our dedicated team can help and assist you."


We support companies, since the establishment, in every need that involves professional help, preparing contracts, legal assistance in debt recovery, evaluation of the financial and financial reliability of partners and major customers.  We support companies in the negotiation of any type of contract aimed at commercial agreements, including international, taking care of the interests of customers with the drafting, revision and finalization of letters of intent, contracts, general conditions and all contractual documents accompanying the transactions.

We assist clients in all types of commercial and corporate litigation, both before ordinary jurisdictions and before mediation or dispute resolution bodies.


We protect the Customer in all aspects of the business crisis, and stable collaboration with a "Crisis Team" composed of Chartered Accountants, Certified Professionals, Liquidators and Professional Evaluators, provides customers with a strong professional ally, capable of addressing all aspects of debt restructuring.

We support clients in overcoming the many obstacles posed by exposure to creditors, with experience, ability to listen and ability to negotiate out-of-court or insolvency agreements, as well as effective assistance in the out-of-court and judicial recovery of corporate claims. We assist with a qualified and experienced team customers who intend to promote or suffer revocatory or liability actions against directors and statutory auditors, and we are also able to competently support those who want access to agreed estimates or other instruments of crisis resolution from over-indebtedness.


The firm is also specialized in judicial and out-of-court assistance in the field of real estate law. The Firm’s professionals assist clients in complex real estate transactions (residential, commercial and industrial), duediligence, preliminary sales, letters of intent, residential and commercial leases. In this matter is obviously provided all the necessary assistance for the care of condominium rights, contracts, construction work in progress, evictions and real estate executions.


The Firm is able to provide specialized, comprehensive and integrated advice on succession mortis causa and donations. The Firm assists clients in the preparation and collation of all the necessary documentation for the purpose of the succession, in the analysis of the will, using, where appropriate, primary experts graphologists of national importance, in obtaining bank certifications, coordinating with the notarial activity in case of a public will.

The Firm also analyzes and provides assistance in the necessary and legitimate succession, the succession of the spouse and children, the possible violation of the rights of the relatives, the dissolution of the community property.


The Firm has long devoted itself to the defense of property and all other royal rights, as well as the defense of possession. The Firm is able to carry out with experience and professionalism all the judicial actions provided for by the current legislation to protect property and possession, including those that provide for an immediate and urgent appeal to the Judge, at the Ordinary Court. The Study on also deals with exercising actions to protect possession as a factual situation protected by law (actions of reintegration into possession and maintenance actions)until the claim of ownership of movable and immovable property by virtue of continuous possession over time (usucapion), or by actions in revocation of acts detrimental to the rights of creditors


The Firm is an expert in the management of issues and disputes related to the condominium of buildings and in dealing with any related cases in court, also in the form of an appeal against resolutions of shareholders' meetings vitiated by nullity or annulment for violation of law. The Firm is able to fully examine and evaluate the relationships of condominium with particular reference to the identification of common parts, the rights of condominiums on such parts, innovations, the sharing of condominium expenses, the maintenance of the building, the appointment and revocation of the director, his duties and duties, the condominium rules and their application, the regularity of the constitution of the assembly and the correct examination of the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting, also with reference to the recent legislative novella that has reformed the condominium matter. The Firm also collaborates for several years with some condominium administrators providing advice on the management of their business and taking the necessary actions against condominiums in arrears with the payment of condominium fees, for the recovery of those charges.


The current economic situation requires companies to constantly monitor the current credit on their customers, both in the preventive phase and in the recovery phase. Such activity of management of the credit requires, however, a remarkable employment of resources that could not be present inside the companies and that, if present, they would expose, however, the company to face a great cost. Relying on specialized external structures and consultants - both in the extra-judicial and judicial credit recovery phase, allows companies to outsource the activities of recovering overdue invoices with consequent savings in time and costs.
De Cinque Law Firm can boast a long and consolidated experience in the field, gained in the field, with the precise intent to support companies that intend to entrust the recovery of credit (in the pre-legal and legal phase) to experienced professionals in the field.
De Cinque Law Firm takes a completely different approach than usual in the industry. Most of the time, companies are hesitant to pass the practice to the legal, both for cost problems, and because they can not wait for the time of legal debt recovery.
- Our structure is active with a rapid and effective intervention already in the out-of-court phase, with prompt telephone calls after sending the letter of formal notice, highlighting immediately any claims submitted by the debtor in support of non-payment so as to handle them professionally and with the aim of defining the practice quickly, in compliance with the policies shared with the customer.- Where out-of-court negotiation does not allow a good-natured definition of the creditor position, the Firm will initiate the judicial phase, while maintaining a conciliatory and "out-of-court" approach aimed at maximising the result. The aspect that differentiates and distinguishes us at the same time is the permanence of a constant dialogue between our professionals and the debtors, even once the judicial actions have been wrapped, with the aim of always stimulating the good-natured definition of the dispute.
In terms of costs, the firm’s young and streamlined structure has no particular problem in meeting the needs of its customers and in finding, together with them, the solutions that best suit the needs of the case.
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